ARFID – Selective Eating Disorder

Selective Eating Disorder now known as ARFID ( Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) is a condition where a person avoids certain foods or types of food, often having a restricted intake in terms of overall amount eaten, or both.

Someone suffering from Arfid might be avoiding and/or restricting their intake for a number of different reasons. This may be because of the taste, texture, smell and even appearance of certain foods.

Afraid of eating certain foods ? Terrified of the consequences ? Lacking self belief ?

Significant levels of fear or worry about eating certain types of food can lead to avoidance of food based on concerns about the consequences of eating.

If you experience these symptoms then you may be suffering from a SED / ARFID.

Your system has associated certain foods as unsafe and views them just as it would a dangerous predator.  It will fight to avoid contact with these foods regardless of how much you try and reassure yourself that you will be okay.

The more this situation persists the greater the belief that you are “unable” to eat new foods because of the lack of past historical success.

Fortunately, I can help.

Jackie Fraser is one of the leading SED/ARFID practitioners in the UK and featured as one of the experts on the TV series Extreme Food Phobics. Below are some of the ARFID based testimonials she has received.


“I could not recommend Jackie highly enough. I took my son to see her who has multiple medical conditions and has been unwell for over 10 months.

A 2 hour session with Jackie has enabled him to manage his symptoms better and take control of his life again. I finally have my 13 year old back.
We are both so delighted and cannot thank her enough.

Highly, Highly recommended.”

M.M East Lothian
“I’ve been terrified of trying different foods since I was a child. As you can see from the video posted, Jackie worked her magic and got me to try foods that I would never have looked at before.

The next day I was at a Chinese Buffet restaurant trying lots of new things.

Totally recommend this for people who have this and are fed up being called fussy eaters.

There is help out there .. Go see Jackie.”

D.O East Lothian
“I saw Jackie last week to help with my food avoidance issues and came away feeling really positive.

As a long term fussy eater I was delighted to try things I’ve always avoided and I’m delighted with the results.”

L.S East Lothian

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